At this moment, a new National ordinance on addressing child abuse and relational violence is being prepared. This ordinance will establish the legal basis for the protection code (Kódigo di Protekshon) and the setup of a reporting and advice centre (ProtehaMi). The law provides for a right to report rather than an duty to report, meaning that professionals are not obliged to report, but are required to use the Kódigo di Protekshon in cases of (suspected) child abuse and relational violence. The law also specifies which professional groups must use the Kódigo, the duties of the advice and reporting centre, and how registration and reporting should be conducted. Additionally, it establishes powers regarding the request and processing of personal data and the breaking of professional confidentiality.

The law offers a model protocol and obliges all organizations to document in writing how they deal with the Kódigo di Protekshon within their organization.